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How to Choose the Right Badge Holders for Your Organization

Posted on 9th Apr 2012 @ 5:52 PM

Badge holders are useful to display, to secure from loss, to make it easy to find, and to protect the plastic cards (mostly photo ID and access control cards) from wear and tear. Pins, magnets or other means are used to attach badge holders to your person. It is always a good idea to make a short list of all the different uses your plastic cards will be put to when you are deciding what kind of badge holder to buy.

In some situations, like trade shows or conventions, your id badge is not likely to ever be used again and low cost is important. In this case a simple plastic version with a pin or strap clip on the back (usually called a convention ID holder) works fine. These are inexpensive and disposable but aren’t suitable for children because of the sharp pin.

If you want to step it up a notch you can choose a thicker clear vinyl version to give your IDs a more finished look. These also provide added protection for employee ID cards that may need to be displayed for months or years on end. These badge holders are available in horizontal and vertical styles to suit your card orientation. Decide at this stage if you will be using chains or badge clips with your holders since not all models accommodate both.

For proximity cards and magnetic stripe cards you can choose options that allow you to lock the cards in place inside the holders so they will not accidentally fall out. One unique half card style ID holder allows the magnetic stripe on the card to remain exposed for employees who need to swipe access readers many times a day.
Rigid card protectors provide maximum protection and protect cards from being bent or damaged. These are manufactured in a variety of colors and offer maximum protection for sensitive items like smart cards that have a built in computer chip. Such holders are usually designed with a small cutout to make it easy for you to slide the card out when you need to use it.

Reflective and glow in the dark badge holders provide added safety in low light conditions. These can be used in conjunction with arm bands to position the card on the outside of the arm for greater visibility. Woven badge wallets are also available with a clear panel in the front. These are excellent for field use where credentials must be easily accessible. Some models include pockets to store items such as pens or keys for added convenience.
For more information about choosing badge holders contact our experienced sales team.